How many times a year should you go to the doctor?

When we are children, we undergo regular pediatric check-ups to monitor our health and growth. This practice of prevention and control continues into adulthood every time we have a checkup, but when is it more advisable to do so? We tell you the ages, reasons and key moments to undergo a medical examination. We recommend you to read: What to do in case of fracture? Do you want to get vaccinated against COVID-19? See our services HERE

Essential check-up: history and risks

In general, the WHO (World Health Organization) recommends having a check-up every four years before the age of 40, every two years until the age of 60, and one every year after this age. Even so, it is necessary to take into account the individual situation of each person, especially when they have followed (or follow) some risk habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol regularly and overeating, or if they have a family history of some hereditary diseases, such as cancer, diabetes or heart disease.

If you are a woman

The most frequent check-up for women, from the beginning of sexual relations, is the gynecological check-up, which usually includes a cytology to prevent cervical cancer and is repeated every one or two years, depending on the follow-up indicated by the gynecologist, and which will depend on various factors, such as pregnancies or the use of contraceptives. From the age of 40 onwards, it is also recommended to add a biennial mammogram to this check-up, or an annual mammogram after the age of 50, in order to diagnose breast cancer early, thus significantly increasing the chances of a cure. Pregnancy entails its own prenatal tests, as well as the postpartum period, which will require the controls determined by the gynecologist. Finally, after the age of 65, it is advisable to check the state of our bones by means of bone densitometry, especially when we have a history of osteoporosis, in order to prevent and treat osteoporosis before any fracture occurs.   You can also read: What to do when you have a migraine? Do you need a lab test? Contact us HERE

If you are a man

Generally, the first appointment with the urologist to rule out any possible disease of the prostate gland is recommended after the age of 50. As with breast cancer, prostate cancer is much better treated if diagnosed early. Controlling the state of our heart, sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol, is something that affects all of us, men and women, even more so as we get older, although men are more at risk of heart disease. In addition to the general and specific checkups, we cannot forget the annual dental checkup to keep our teeth healthy, as well as the vision and hearing checkups that we need according to our needs.   We recommend you to read: What to do in case of fracture? Do you need an ultrasound? Contact us HERE We hope you liked this article on:How many times a year should you go to the doctor? We invite you to follow us on Instagram and Facebook and visit our website where you can find more details about our services.
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